The following interview with Carlton Egremont III appeared in the Boston Software Newspaper in 1999, shortly after the release of Mr. Bunny's Big Cup o' Java. Thanks to Jack Burlingame for giving us permission to reprint it here.

Mr. Bunny Hops Back into the Spotlight

By Jack Burlingame

Just when you thought it was safe to poke your head out of the hutch, Carlton Egremont III sends you scurrying back with his latest opus, Mr. Bunnyís Big Cup oí Java. The follow-up title to the hopalong bestseller, Mr. Bunnyís Guide to Active X, CE3ís new book "is recommended by n out of ten doctors, where n is any integer you wish to make up to impress an astoundingly gullible public," says Egremontís publicist.

Clearly, a publishing event of this magnitude calls for a groundbreaking interview with the creative genius behind the work. Unfortunately, nobody fitting that description exists. We did, however, manage to corner CE3 in a remote rural site, where he was retrofitting a Havahart with an imbedded chip.

BSN: Will the publication of this book allow you to give up your day job?
CE3: On the contrary, now I need to find a job. My family cut off my trust fund allowance because theyíre embarrassed by the book. They also sent me to bed without supper.

BSN: Do you share royalties with Mr. Bunny and Farmer Jake?
CE3: Due to a complex legal arrangement, I donít pay a cent to Mr. Bunny. (In laymanís terms: heís a rabbit). But Farmer Jake does receive a quarterly check. More accurately, he receives a cartoon drawing of a check.

BSN: Have you sold the movie rights to this, the prequel, or the sequel?
CE3: I received voice mail from someone named Spielberg, but assumed it was just a guy trying to get me to switch my long distance service.

BSN: Once the offers start rolling in, who would you like to see cast as the principal characters?
CE3: I want Marlon Brando to play the lead, mainly so I can see him in a bunny suit. And doesnít Jack Kevorkian look a lot like Farmer Jake? Now that heís facing a career change, maybe Dr. Death will trade his suicide machine for a garden rake.

BSN: Any merchandising deals in the works?
CE3: Iím waiting for the right idea. The "Mr. Bunny Lucky Rabbitís Foot" shows promise, but it would be a very limited edition, since only four are available.