"Mr. Bunny's Big Cup o' Java"

There is simply no better way to learn Java than to have the pineal gland of an expert Java programmer surgically implanted in your brain. Sadly, most HMOs refuse to pay for this career saving procedure, deeming Java to be too experimental. At last there is an alternative treatment for those of us who cannot wait for sweeping health care reforms.

Mr. Bunny’s Big Cup O’ Java is recommended by n out of ten doctors, where n is any integer you wish to make up to impress an astoundingly gullible public.

The book begins with an overview of the book, and quickly expands into the book itself. Just look at the topics covered:

Mr. Bunny’s rucksack Farmer Jake’s overalls Java

In short, MBBCOJ will teach you all you need to know for a successful career in today’s rabbit development environments.


"I sincerely hope this book increases the donor pool."



Where can I buy
Mr. Bunny's Big Cup o' Java?


Barnes and Noble


Computer Manuals Online Bookstore (Europe)

chapters.ca (Canada)

Softpro Books 


Why would I buy
Mr. Bunny's Big Cup o' Java?

1) You could use a laugh.

2) You could use the caffeine.

3) Your kids have the Farmer Jake squishy doll.