Carlton Egremont III Sells Out

Carlton Egremont III, heir to the Egremont supermarket checkout line grocery separator dynasty, has once again renounced the family fortune, as he does every year when his trust fund allowance runs out. In an attempt to support his extravagant R&D efforts Egremont's inventions include fireproof ink and the self-eating sandwich he has sold the publishing rights to "Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX".

The rights were purchased by a disgruntled employee of a major publishing firm in what is rumored to be the largest publishing deal ever signed, in terms of font size. "I have 20-20 vision," said Egremont. "I require a 20 point font."

The financial terms of the deal are unknown, but sources say the publisher will lose money on each copy sold, and intends to make it up in volume. The employee who approved the deal is now receiving treatment. The publisher understandably prefers not to be named, and has been identified in the new edition of the book only as Some Company in Reading, MA.

"I hope to make enough money from this deal to continue my research at least until my allowance is restored," said Egremont. "I'm currently developing an improved version of Java that uses header files and pointers."

Egremont's technical editor, Gary Swanberg, could not be reached for comment because he was busy writing this article.