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The official home page of Mr. Bunny, Farmer Jake, and their reclusive creator: Carlton Egremont III.

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Interview with CE3

What's the deal with the rabbit?

Books by CE3

Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX 
Mr. Bunny's Big Cup O' Java 

Books not by CE3

The Bridges of Madison County
ůmany others...

CE3 Resurfaces

After a long absence from the public eye, Carlton Egremont III, reclusive author and imaginary friend, turned up last week in the dairy aisle of a supermarket in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he was quickly surrounded by a throng of admiring fans. Appearing somewhat dazed and disoriented, Egremont did his best to answer questions.

"What are your plans for the future?" many wanted to know.

"I'm just looking for a mild cheese," Egremont explained.

As for the question of his whereabouts since December 1999, the disheveled eccentric indicated he'd expected civilization to end due to the Y2K bug, and so had cut all ties to the human race, preferring instead the company of goldfish.

When pressed for his opinion of recent world events, Egremont replied, "What'd I miss?"

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About Carlton Egremont III

Carlton Egremont III has lived a privileged life. The family patriarch (Carlton Egremont 0th) made his fortune with the invention of those things that separate groceries at the checkout counter, and CE3 was destined to continue the family tradition of innovation, dumb luck, and unbridled stupidity. 

As a child young Master Egremont dreamed of writing a book about Microsoft Windows. His innocent dream resulted in many visits to a drive-through psychiatrist, where Carlton would lie on the back seat of the family limousine and explain his visions to a plastic clown head. 

As a young adult, the rebellious Carlton Egremont III left the estate to live a playboy lifestyle, surrounded as he was by magazines in a three room flat in New Jersey. It was here he discovered a passion for agriculture and raised his first crop of organic poison ivy.  

Mr. Egremont is now back in favor with his family. The Egremont dynasty is proud of the Mr. Bunny series, especially now that knighthood could be in the future for the author, who has sent in a cereal box top and hopes to win the contest. 

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Credits and Thanks

Illustrations by Steve Francis and Adam Jacoby. 

Technical assistance by Rod Daynes of

Thanks to Sean Welch for being the first to laugh. 

Thanks to
Softpro for being the first to put the furry one on their shelves next to the real books. 

Congratulations to
Jim Yocum for buying the first copy. (Sorry about the mishap - your refund is in the mail.) 

A nod to all of Mr. Bunny's fans at

A special hello to Sophie the lovable cat who would hunt down and kill Mr. Bunny if she had half a chance. Purr on. 

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