You MUST pay - IN FULL - BEFORE your card are ordered by the printer!
No, you can NOT design the card yourself.
I am a professional and have worked directly with extremely picky clients for years.
Trading cards are 1 suit per card! NO GROUP, DUO, ETC cards! (for now)
They will ONLY be made for YOUR SUIT!
All cards are DIRECTLY SHIPPED to the person on the card.
Do NOT ask me for cards of any of the suiters!
ALL card images MUST BE PG!!!
PHOTOS ONLY!!! NO artist images will be used as the main 2 pics!
Even if you live in Arizona, I will NOT take pics of your suit for the cards.
Provide your own photos please!
Ears, hands, etc cut off in your favorite picture?
I am a photoshop god. With other reference pics of your suit, I can add them back in.
And, will gladly send you the fixed / extended pic.
Info on your card can be ALMOST anything you want.
Secret codes, symbols, quotes, QR codes, etc
Artist sketches CAN be used here, with written permission from the artist.
Owners of multiple suits that want multiple cards made...
I will see if combined shipping is possible. Due to the virus, shipping, and current world problems, I am unsure of this.
Card numbers are in the lower right corner, on the state symbol.
The symbol in lower right will be YOUR STATE you live in.
Non USA residents can have their choice of country / region / etc.
Is there a secret card #000? Maybe...